Bibby Bill would do ‘more harm than good’ to pub owners, says SBPA

SBPA chief executive Brigid Simmons
14/07/2017 - 09:56
The Scottish Beer & Pub Association has warned that Scottish politician Neil Bibby’s proposed members bill in Scottish parliament would be bad for the country’s pub industry.

In responding to comments supporting the bill made by Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, SBPA chief executive Brigid Simmons warned a follow through of the proposal would do the reverse of what it sets out to do.

Simmons said: “We welcome Mr Bibby’s interest in the industry, but this bill would actually do the opposite of what he is setting-out to achieve.”

Earlier this year, Bibby lodged a draft proposal in Holyrood that he said would give customers greater choice of drink in Scotland’s pubs and make it fairer for tenants of tied arrangement pubs with large owing companies.

“We urge Scottish Labour to rethink their support for these ill-conceived plans and instead pressure the government into meaningful action to support Scotland’s pubs,” said Simmons.

He added: “The pub market in Scotland is completely different to other parts of the UK, with only 17% of pubs under a tied arrangement here, compared to 40% in the UK as a whole.

“The tied-pub model offers unrivalled entrepreneurship opportunities, jobs and investment. In the last two years alone £20 million has been spent by pub companies and brewers investing in pubs in Scotland.

“If successful, this bill will hurt small business owners, offer fewer choices for consumers and ultimately cost jobs.”

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