Campaign urging restaurants to offer children “real food and real choices” launches

17/05/2013 - 10:53
Campaigners are urging restaurants across the UK to start offering children “real food” and “real choices” suggesting the industry has a greater role to play in educating kids about their eating habits.

Baby food company Organix and the Soil Association have teamed up to launch the ‘Out to Lunch’ campaign.

A team of parents are currently reviewing 21 chain restaurants and reporting back on their experience of eating out with their children, and the Soil Association is contacting restaurants to find out more about what’s on the menu.

Anna Rosier, managing director at Organix, explained more about the campaign: “Going to restaurants is a regular part of children’s lives and the industry has a role to play when it comes to educating children about food. What they eat at a young age will impact what they’ll choose and prefer later in life.

“Currently many restaurant children’s menus consist of only a few, often unhealthy choices. Surely this isn’t fair when adults get a whole host of freshly cooked dishes to choose from?”

Out to Lunch researcher, Amy Leech at the Soil Association, added: “With one in three children leaving primary school overweight or obese, it’s widely agreed this problem needs tackling from all angles. We want to see healthy, traceable food on the menu for children in restaurants, not just the usual suspects with chips.

“In July, we will release our research findings and work in partnership with restaurants to make changes to menus available for children.”

To find out more about Out to Lunch contact Amy Leech at the Soil Association on 0117 987 4584.

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