Children influence 763 million family eat-out visits a year in Britain

Jack MacIntyre, NPD group account manager Foodservice UK, images
04/12/2014 - 07:39
Foodservice industry figures from the NPD Group, the information provider, show that children influence 24% of family eat-out visits, equating to 763 million ‘let the kids choose’ visits a year.

Only 4.3% of British parents are influenced by healthy eating options when taking children out as parents decide between treating themselves or the kids. ‘Because my kids like it’ was revealed by the NPD Group as one of the main reasons for consumers making a decision on where they eat-out.

Jack MacIntyre, NPD Group account manager Foodservice UK, said: “Pester power actually plays a huge role in where families choose to eat out. This may be surprising to some, as pester power is often associated with more obviously child-focused sectors such as toys or confectionary, but kids clearly have a very important voice in the dining out market too.

“Parents and kids find it especially attractive when they see kids’ menus that are properly thought through, rather than simply offering smaller portions of the adult menu, and when there is an attractive family meal deal on offer too.

“Branded pubs are certainly getting this formula right and in the run-up to Christmas and the New Year this could pay dividends. Kids enjoy the stimulating and lively atmosphere of the play areas, different types of seating, board games, music and televisions provided by many branded pubs. It’s paying off in terms of kids telling their parents that’s where they want to eat out.”

Families account for 28.8% of all visits and 31.9% of all sales in Britain’s eating out market. Overall the British foodservice market is worth £50.7 billion in sales annually (year ending October 2014) with business from families worth £16.1 billion.

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