CRUSSH launches new #Drinkyourgreens menu

11/08/2016 11:08
CRUSSH, the London juice and smoothie brand, has launched a new green juice, two new green smoothies and a new ‘Super Greens’ booster.

Celebrating all things green the range uses innovative ingredients to help customers get a good mix of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including everything from juicing favourites like kale and cucumber, to protein rich edamame beans.

Helen Jones, head of marketing at CRUSSH, said: “Green juices are a great way of getting all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from vegetables into the bloodstream really quickly - ideal for busy Londoners on the go.

“We’ve also introduced two new green smoothies for summer which are a great introduction for those who are yet to try vegetables in their drinks. They are blended with frozen yogurt, banana and apple juice, so are easier on the palette and perfect for warm summer days!”

The new #Drinkyourgreens menu includes:

  • Juice: Green Cleanse (Small £4.00/Medium £5.00/Large £6.50) Includes kale (one of the latest vitamin charged superfoods), spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon and apples (from 60 kcal for a small).  This product is V, Ve, DF, GF and WF*.
  • Smoothie: Greens & Beans (Small £3.50/Medium £4.50/Large £6.00) This smoothie also uses low fat yoghurt (98% fat free), spinach, lime, bananas, and apple juice. It’s packed with protein – a small contains 11 grams (from 258 kcal for a small).  This product is V, GF and WF*.
  • Super Smoothie: Avo Super Greens (Small £3.80/Medium £4.80/Large £6.30) This features avocado - the fruit of the moment. It is blended with low fat yoghurt (98% fat free), spinach, bananas, apple juice, and a super green booster (see below for information on this)(from 286 kcal for a small).  This product is V, GF and WF*.
  • Super Booster: Super Greens (£0.50) A blend of spirulina, wheatgrass, kale, spinach and barley grass. It helps boost the immune system as well as helping to alkalise and detoxify the body. It can be added to any juice or smoothie in store. This product is V, GF and WF*.

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