Fire Industry Association to provide fire safety advice for restaurants and food outlets

07/07/2017 - 11:22
In light of the recent fire at Grenfell Towers, the Fire Industry Association (FIA) has called for all restaurant and food outlet workers to up their fire safety knowledge, by providing a range of useful online resources.

By law, all landlords, building owners and employers are identified as the “responsible person” and will be held liable in case of fire. Failing to meet safety regulations upon inspection can also result in a fine of up to half a million pounds and, in more serious cases, imprisonment.

To help reduce the number of fire-related accidents, the association has published an online video entitled, ‘Responsible for Fire Safety? Fire Safety Explained’, which outlines the importance of using companies that are third party certificated.

The FIA also claims that reputable fire safety companies should carry out the following services: fire risk assessments, install or maintaining fire alarm systems or portable fire extinguishers, and warns restaurateurs should avoid companies that offer cheap prices without any form of third party certification.

To view the video, please click here and further fire safety information is also available via FIA online.

The video follows the recent fire at Grenfell Towers, North Kensington, for which the total number of deaths is still unknown but a staggering 80 people are presumed to have died.

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