Fun Friday Food Facts 2016 Vol. 45

02/12/2016 - 09:56
In the week where Advent began and the countdown to Christmas can properly begin, we found lots of great food facts.

Have you ever found a jar of honey at the back of the cupboard and not known how long it’s been there and what to do with it. It’s simple, eat it! Honey is the only known food with an eternal shelf life, able to last at least 3,000 years and still be edible.

'Eat your carrots - they'll help you see in the dark', but it's green and yellow food such as corn, egg yolk and spinach that really protect our eyes, due to being rich in antioxidants essential for the eye's health.

While mince pies have been widely accepted as a British tradition, the idea actually started in the Middle East in the 13th Century. European crusaders returning to their homelands brought recipes that included meats, fruits and spices - which inspired the notion for a mince pie.

The way that you eat an Oreo might say something about your personality. In 2004, Kraft Foods surveyed 2000 Oreo eaters and found that dunkers tend to be energetic, adventurous and social; twisters are sensitive, emotional, artistic and trendy; and biters are easy going, self confident and optimistic. They also found that more women dunk, while more men bite.

Have you ever wondered why all red wine bottles are tinted green? It protects the wine from being exposed to too much sunlight as this can change the flavour. White wine bottles are usually colourless as they’re not meant to be stored, so you should drink them straight away!

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