Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vol. 3

20/01/2017 - 09:23
In the week where Donald Trump has been readying himself to become the 45th President of the USA we found some food facts.

Love a good bank holiday? You have Cadbury to thank for that. They were the pioneering company that first adopted the custom of closing the business on bank holidays.

Bassett’s originally released Jelly Babies as Peace Babies to mark the end of WWI. Production was suspended during WWII and it wasn’t until Bassett’s relaunched the sweet in 1953 that they were given the name Jelly Babies that is still used today.

I’m not drunk, I’ve just not had enough fat coke. Seriously, that could be the truth; a study by Northern Kentucky University found mixing diet fizzy drinks with alcohol leads to quicker intoxication than if you mixed with more sugar-ladene regular beverage.

We like our fast food in the UK, but within the EU it is Sweden that has the largest number of McDonald’s restaurants per head of population – one for every 42,000 people.

The next time you make a cup of tea, keep hold of your teabag instead of chucking it out. As well as helping soothe tired eyes, did you know that used bags can freshen up your fridge, take the sting out of burns and even make your hair shinier? The bags can also be used to clean and shine hardwood floors and polish wood furniture.

Did you know that the peel of an orange has more antioxidants, just as much vitamin C and four times more fibre than the actual fruit inside?!

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