Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vol. 4

Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vol. 4
27/01/2017 - 09:24
In the week where the world got 30 seconds closer to the apocalypse, we found some food facts.

Did you know that 6,000 Quality street sweets are produced per minute, a total of 67 million every week!

In 2014, geophysicist Dan Frost successfully made diamonds out of peanut butter in conditions that mimicked the earth’s mantle. He placed peanut butter between two diamonds at 280,000 times atmospheric pressure, causing the atoms to rearrange as a harder composition.

Healthy eating, healthy you, are you sure? Salad contains more health risks than eating meat thanks to the way it’s grown. Soil contains pathogens that can pose serious risks to health, only removed by cooking. And who cooks their salad. Stick with the burgers people, they’re safer!

You take your eye off the pasta for two seconds, and the next thing you know, the pot is boiling over onto the stovetop. Keep the boiling water in the pot next time by adding a tablespoon or two of butter.

Some of you may already know that in 1990 Mars introduced Snickers in the UK to replace the Marathon bar. But do you know how Snickers got its name? It’s all thanks to Snickers the horse. In 1930, 60 years before its UK debut, creator Frank Mars named the chocolate bar after the family’s favourite filly. 

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