Nestlé Professional research unveils latest technology trends

05/07/2017 - 07:00
More and more consumers – particularly 18 to 24 year olds – are demanding a “hyper convenient” service when eating and drinking out of the home, according to new research undertaken by Nestlé Professional and OnePoll.

New technologies that allow consumers to order food and drink at the click of a button - through take-away apps, touch screen vending, smart ordering and contactless payment – have given way a stream of new on-demand services. Not only has this changed the way that the general public eat, becoming accustomed to ordering and paying at a time convenient for them, but businesses have also had to embrace technology in accordance with audiences changing demands.

Commenting on this, Peter Georgiou, chief executive of high-end on-demand food delivery company Supper, said: “The word ‘hyper-convenience’ gets used a lot nowadays and, as our lives get more demanding, convenience plays an ever more important role…. as a society, we need to move forward, always improve and embrace [new technologies]. Those that don’t will be left behind.”

One particularly noticeable change is the number of people now eating and drinking on the move, with 60% of respondents having eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner on the go. Even more shocking, the research also reveals that 70% of those surveyed spend 10 minutes or less on breakfast, and 95% spend less than 30 minutes on lunch.

One company responding to consumers’ increasingly busy lifestyles is the app Orderella, which lets consumers order and pay for their drinks without leaving their table. According to chief executive Dennis Collet, the aim of this being “so friends and colleagues can spend more time talking to each other.”

When asked about the opportunities presented to hospitality operators by new technologies, Collet said: “Traditional foodservice businesses, from restaurants and hotels to grab & go kiosks, need to adapt and change to their environment. Investments in technology, whether big or small, help operators appeal to the hyper-convenience market and improve efficiency across the board, and this is what the sector needs to succeed.”

Nestle are also reacting to the fact that consumers now seek convenience when it comes to buying coffee, too - no longer relying on coffee shops alone. Of those surveyed, 53% of people buy coffee on the go, either from supermarkets, pubs or leisure centres. Simon Baggaley, Nescafé beverage solutions category manager, said: “We’re using technology to help hospitality businesses provide the best coffee offer they can. This latest generation of machines…offers a completely new, tailored consumer experience, all at the touch of a button.”

The research forms part of Nestlé Professional’s new BuzzBites report, designed to provide inspiration on how the sector is using the latest innovations in technology to gain a commercial advantage.

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