Pizza Hut Restaurants brings back The Edge pizza

Pizza Hut brings back the edge
03/06/2014 - 08:19
Pizza Hut Restaurants is bringing back The Edge, a limited-edition pizza with no crust but instead has toppings loaded right to the very edge.

The pizza is available now for a limited time nationwide.

 First created in 2000, Pizza Hut Restaurants has reintroduced The Edge pizza once again in order to strengthen its product portfolio and offer its customers greater variety, choice and customisation from its menu.

 Pizza Hut Restaurants has also launched a 10-week election-style voting campaign to determine whether The Edge pizza really has ‘the edge’ or whether crusted pizza has won the nation’s hearts.
Pizza lovers from across the UK can get behind ‘Crust’ or ‘No-Crust’ pizza by visiting to vote. The campaign will be supported with Facebook, PR and in-store marketing.  

Kathryn Austin, director of marketing at Pizza Hut Restaurants commented: "The Edge is an iconic menu item for Pizza Hut Restaurants and we’re excited to bring it back for another year. As leaders in crust innovation, we wanted to demonstrate to customers that we listen to their feedback and deliver products that they are passionate about.”

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