Restaurant company Pizza Hut launches “Guest Experience” apprenticeship

Restaurant company Pizza Hut launches “Guest Experience” apprenticeship
16/05/2013 10:26:31
Restaurant chain Pizza Hut is launching the first ever apprenticeship in the art of the “guest experience.”

The casual dining restaurant group will provide opportunities for 100 team members to become experts in the art of customer service and hospitality before a nationwide launch takes place in 2014.

The specially selected apprentices will undergo experience-based training, online engagement, and observational learning to ensure that guests have the greatest casual dining experience possible.

The training will cover how apprentices engage with, treat and interact with their customers and see them learning key “mantras” that meet the high standards that Pizza Hut Restaurants is aiming to deliver consistently across the whole of the UK.

The scheme has been developed and delivered in partnership with Tribal and awarding body EDI. It will see the apprentices undergo a year-long on-the-job training programme to earn a Guest Experience Intermediate Apprenticeship with Technical Certificate.

Kathryn Austin, HR director of Pizza Hut Restaurants UK said: “Our change journey to date has meant an enormous investment in the training and engagement of our employees. This apprenticeship is an industry first, and demonstrative of the authenticity and belief in people that is at the core of Pizza Hut.

“Too often hospitality is overlooked as an industry with progression possibilities - these new apprenticeship schemes will help our employees earn skills and responsibilities that will facilitate their next step up the career ladder, while giving them the freedom to deliver sincere, heartfelt service.”

Written by Maria Bracken

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