Slow Food UK adds new dishes to their Ark of Taste in preparation for Slow Food UK week 2013

03/05/2013 08:05
Six new forgotten foods have been added to the Slow Food UK Ark of Taste. This Ark celebrates the food producers that stride against the mainstream productions, and instead prefer dishes that have been passed down the generations.

Bringing the Slow Food UKs Ark of Taste up to 61 are the dishes: Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep, Cornish Saffron Cake, British Lop Pig, Sea Lavender Honey, Goosnargh Cake, and the Medlar because they are considered 'endangered' foods that need saving or reviving.

The Slow Food UK week 2013 this year will be dated from 1st to the 9th June.

A few brief descriptions of the new menu backgrounds follow:

The Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep have white wool on their face and bodies, but have distinct stripes above the eyes and a black band running from the chin, under the belly to the tip of the tail, they are also are black on the  inside of their small ears and are bred in mid-Wales.

The Cornish Saffron cake is an oblong loaf-shaped cake which is 20cm long, 14cm wide and 12cm deep. Its average weight is around 500g. The cake has a deep golden crust and its yellow yeast crumb is speckled with dried fruits. The flavour can be described as lightly sweetened and with a slightly astringent saffron flavouring.

The Goosnargh Cake is a circular biscuit of 80mm diameter which is 10mm deep and weighs around 50g. It is similar to shortbread and has a fine, short texture and a buttery - caraway seed flavour.

Slow Food UK’s taste ambassadors Richard Corrigan, Matthew Fort, Randolph Hodgson and Charles Campion who, as Slow Food UK’s National Ark of Taste Commission, work tirelessly to identify and promote British food hidden gems.

“It’s a question of eat it, or lose it,” says Catherine Gazzoli, the CEO of Slow Food UK, “and by raising awareness of our Forgotten Foods, we’re working towards enhancing the wonderful biodiversity that is our edible birthright.”

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