Wexiödisk increases dishwasher range

15/02/2016 - 07:14
Wexiödisk has launched its WD-4S dishwasher range.

Designed to work at an optimum level in both kitchens and bars alike, the range features a ‘basic’ model, a ‘glass’ model which is pre-programmed with specially adapted glassware wash cycles and a ‘glass basket’ for the ultimate wash and streak-free drying capabilities.

The appliance can wash up to 50 baskets per hour, equivalent to 1,000 glasses, 900 plates or 450 trays on a footprint of just 598mm x 598mm x 820mm (w/d/h), making the most of existing bar or kitchen space.

The unit also features an almost silent operation while the option of an eco-flow heat recovery system virtually eliminates steam escaping when the door is open, considerably reducing the need for ventilation.


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