Women paid more per hour in hospitality industry – Fourth statistics reveal

Women paid more per hour in hospitality industry – Fourth statistics reveal
17/03/2017 - 08:41
Statistics revealed by Fourth, a hospitality software company, have found that overall women are being paid marginally more per hour than men across the restaurant, pub, quick service restaurant (QSR), and hotel sectors.

The overall blended rate across hospitality reveals that women are paid £7.84 per hour and men are paid £7.82 per hour, according to Fourth’s statistics.

However, a breakdown of the statistics reveals that women are only paid more in the QSR and hotel sector. In QSR, women are paid £8.45 per hour compared to £8.29 for men. In the pub sector, men are paid £7.73 and women, £7.64. In the restaurant sector, men are paid £7.85 per hour and women, £7.50.

Mike Shipley, analytics & insight solutions director at Fourth, said: “The statistics clearly show that the gender pay gap, which favoured men by 21p in 2014, has not only disappeared, but now slightly favours women.

“This said there are, we think, some key reasons for what we see across the main segments of hospitality. Our data shows that women in the restaurant sector are far more likely to work in front-of-house roles, which tend to pay slightly lower hourly rates as there is typically an opportunity to earn tips in addition to wages, whereas back-of-house roles, which tend to be carried out more by men, do not offer the same tips potential, and therefore hourly rates tend to be higher.

“We believe this is what is driving this result and should be factored in when figures are released by hospitality businesses over the coming year.”

Fourth is a provider of cloud-based cost control solutions to the hospital industry. 

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